She overcame severe anxiety to get on stage…and then brought down the house

Just two months before auditioning for America’s Got Talent, Anna Clendening was bedridden with severe anxiety and depression disorder. The brave 20-year-old opened up about her struggle before delivering a beautiful, chilling performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”… (Anna’s performance begins at 3:16 if you want to skip the introduction of this remarkable young woman, but […]

Another 11 Mysterious Islands in Fiction

As trilogies are the popular thing for works of fiction, it is fitting that a series of lists about fiction also follow the trilogy format. Now on our third list of mysterious islands of fiction (see here and here for the others, the first of which also appeared in’s Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists […]

Patton Oswalt’s TED Talk

Patton Oswalt follows in the footsteps of the gloriously intelligent TED Talks from “The Onion”… (via Laughing Squid) Read more:

Big Brother Embraces Social TV With New Interactive Platforms

Reality television sensation Big Brother returns for its 14th season on Thursday with a new interactive initiative that promises to up the show’s social and addictive ante. Big Brother Connect will aggregate live social streams, feature hashtag-driven polls and will give über fans the chance to see their tweets live during Thursday night broadcasts. “Big […]

Youtube Star Pays Off His Parents’ Mortgage, And Gets Their Reaction On Video.

Talk about a good son. When Timothy DeLaGhetto, a comedian and rapper from California, dropped out of college five years ago his parents were worried. DeLaGhetto quit school to focus on his entertainment career.  “My parents always wanted me to stay in school and get a degree,” said DeLaGhetto. Despite their wishes that he stay in school, DeLaGhetto’s […]

Lowcal Probiotic Veggie Juice

I’m a huge fan of probiotic products so any new development in this area of the food industry is quite interesting to me. And just last week, some food scientists in China came out with the news that they’re developing a low-calorie, low-sugar vegetable juice that’s custom-designed for the millions out there with diabetes and […]