I Always Said I Didn't Like Country Music, But A Song Against Rape Culture Changed My Mind

What I wouldn’t give to poke rape culture* in the eye with a sharp stick. This artist and the songwriter are pretty smart — a catchy, simple song with a striking video marketed to teens who really need this message? Sheer brilliance. *Keep in mind, when I say “rape culture,” I’m not saying it’s obvious […]

PS4 VS XBox One The Musical

Now that all the data from E3 has been laid out on the table, gamers have been carefully choosing their side in the latest console war. Even the musical nerds at AVbyte are getting in on the action, making this new musical to help nerd decide with console is best.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/07/09/ps4-vs-xbox-one-the-musical/

Whimsically making books come alive…with wire and found objects [12 pictures]

Terry Border used to be a commercial photographer, but he hated it. So in 2006, he started his “Bent Objects” project. “Basically,” he says, “the project concerns adding wire to ordinary objects to help pose them as living characters, usually telling a story, and then photographing them. For some reason people liked it.” Yes, we […]

‘Halo’ Player Wins $10,000 Scholarship to Study Game Psych

The next time someone says there’s no future in playing video games, you can point them here. Twitch.TV, Alienware and SteelSeries awarded five $10,000 scholarships to students after receiving hundreds of applications for their scholarship program, announced in June. One of the winners is Kelli Dunlap, a 26-year-old doctoral candidate at the American School of […]

10 Most Outrageous Things Benjamin Franklin Ever Did

Some call him “The Newton of Electricity,” and others call him “The First American.” Whatever the nickname, we can all agree Benjamin Franklin was one of a kind. After all, he invented his own alphabet, was a chess master, and there’s even a psychological effect bearing his name. (Although he never actually campaigned for the […]

In a blow to Democrats, Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu defeated

Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., speaks to supporters as she concedes defeat in her Senate runoff election against Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-La., in New Orleans, Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014. Image: Gerald Herbert/Associated Press BATON ROUGE, La. — Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy defeated Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu on Saturday, denying her a fourth term and extending the […]