New York’s Financial Regulator Worries About An “Armageddon-Type” Cyberattack

Ben Lawsky said today that banks and the financial industry still haven’t caught up to the threat posed by increasingly sophisticated teams of hackers. View this image › Maxkabakov / Getty Images New York’s superintendant of financial services wants financial institutions to stop depending on their passwords, boost their cyber defenses, and require more of […]

raised beds

raised beds Image by PermaCultured Newtown garden is has a feeling of being a very controlled and planned out environment, and it’s incredibly pleasing to our Western eye. The centre of the garden features a circular planter, which was originally constructed to house a tree, but was then converted into a circular garden bed. There […]

It Seems Like It Can't Work, But Then The Camera Pulls Back, And Damn, There It Is

This is a wonderful and inspiring story of a man who does one simple thing every day to protect a place he loves from environmental disaster. The thing is, he’s been doing this for 35 years, and in the end, he’s achieved something really incredible. What an example. You’ll first meet him at 3:52 in […]

Dereck Jeter’s 3000th Hit

Yankee captain Dereck Jeter made history today when he made his 3000th complete hit, which was appropriately a home run. There are only 27 other ball players that have reached the milestone, and no other Yankee. Congrats.   Read more: